Duration: 10 minutes

Poetry Court (Episode 1)
..a Poetry Movie Series...

Synopsis: Imagine a court where everything is done using poetry. From the judge to the attorneys, accused persons, witnesses and even the Press. Interesting right? But that not even the point. Have you ever thought about what Corruption would say if he had the opportunity to defend himself? Think no more, for in Poetry court, we are brought all of Nigeria's major problems to court to defend themselves. From Corruption to terrorism, religion, the press, loans and protest; yes, even protest that is seen as a problem in Nigeria came to Poetry Court to defend himself. Poetry Court stories are inspired by true events, BUT, every story is carefully constructed for entertainment purposes and all characters and events are entirely fictional.

Written by: Peter Benjamin Peter
Produced by: Inkfall Arts Academy
Directed by: Peter Benjamin Peter Starring: Peter Benjamin Peter, Reuben Esther Edo (REE), Jonathan Oluwatosin, Godswill Agada


Duration: 4 minutes


Synopsis: The battle against cigarette addiction is beautifully showcased in this short film. From initiation to addiction, the long-short journey is clearly acted out. The last time is supposed to be the last stick, but the next time is always the last time.


Duration: 8 minutes

The Poem ... Award-winning Poetry Short Film...

Synopsis: Written based on the Murat Vargelci's award-winning screenplay, the short film touches on the loneliness and depression of daily urban life. The movie however gives a glimmer of hope, that humans are just a step away from each other if we are courageous enough to reach out.
Written by: Murat Vargelci
Produced by:
Open Screenplay Production
Directed by: Matt Handy
Starring: Nabeel El Khafif


Duration: 1hr: 31 minutes


Synopsis: Cursed to speak only in poetry, everything he says rhymes. Ben's desire to impress beautiful Kelsie forces him to make a wish to speak in poetry. His wish his granted, but this leads to more than he bargained. Fired from his job, rejected by Kelsie, misunderstood by everyone, Ben must undertake a journey to reclaim his true voice and break the poetry curse. Written, Produced & Directed by: Matthew Wilson
Starring: Greg Barnett, Jayce Basques, Lauren Archer, Gary, Clemmer, Alyssa Van Veldhuizen


Duration: 11 minutes

NO POETRY ...Poetry Short film...

Synopsis: No Poetry has so much poetry in just 11 minutes. The dialogue between a just wedded couple. It's a moment of deep reflection, discussing love, lost, happiness, and regret. And all of these happening just after the wedding.
Written & Directed by Jermaine Wong
Produced by: Final Call Productions
Starring: Oluchi Nwabuwa, Jermaine Wong


Duration: 18 minutes

Leave My Class ..the first Nigerian Poetry Cypher...

Synopsis: A group of rebellious poets moved to save the school by educating the school. At "Leave My Class", students sat the school down in a classroom told the school how education should be.
Produced by: Inkfall Arts Academy
Directed by: Peter Benjamin Peter
Starring: Peter Benjamin Peter, Reuben Esther Edo (REE), Elisha Udom, Janet Nyong, Splendid Joe, Mhister Hero, Joemario Umanah, Goodness Ekpenyong, HRM Jamescole